Classmate Pictures

Pictures from then and now  

Roberta and Diana in Las Vegas August 2010


Jay and Sharron Austin  ~  Cloudcroft, NM   ~   2010


The Calloways - Warren and Linda 1964

Elizabeth Ann Warr, Patsy Lackey, Linda Liles at Cherry Grove Beach, 1957

Barry Ingram, Hoda Levine, Sarah Ellen Gordon and Jimmie Holland playing tennis at Allyn Cortright's.  1957

Roberta Walker and Diana Holland on the beach, 1957


The Hub Grill - here we are, hanging out.

Linda Liles, homecoming queen 1959
Annie Pearl Lindsay, Jimmy Smith, Diana Holland, Roberta Walker 
Allyn Cortright, Diana Holland, Janis Colbert, Elizabeth Ann Warr at Junior-Senior Prom, 
1956 or 1957 (don't know which, do you?) 


Nanette Atkinson and Willis Strong going to Junior-Senior.  about 1956

 Roberta Walker, Hoda Levine, Johnny Hamrick, Linda Liles, Sarah Ellen Gordon, Elizabeth Ann Warr at Diana's birthday party.


Allyn Cortright at Seaboard Festival in Hamlet 
27 October 2001



If any body has any pictures you are willing to share please send to Diana.  


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