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From: Roberta Butler []
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 4:00 PM

Subject: carol hogan

Joe and family will receive in charlotte tomorrow from 7-9pm at McEwen Pineville chapel. funeral will be held on thursday at 11:00 at Sharon Presbyterian Church. Interment will follow at forest lawn east cemetery in Matthews. Remembrances may be left at


Subject: Joe Hogan's wife
From: Bill Land  <> by way of Roberta 
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 12:23:30 -0400

Suppose you have heard that Carol Hogan died yesterday. Thought you would want to let the class know.
Thanks, Bill


From Roberta Walker Butler   May 8, 2012
dear class members,
on a sad note, Lucille Craddock, mother of our Dabney Craddocke, died. Visitation is tomorrow in
Asheboro and burial also will be in Asheboro where his parents lived. please remember Dabney and send him and/or his family a card. Thanks.



From: Martha Jacobs <> by way of Roberta
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 12:08:37 +0000
Subject: Jesse' illness

Thanks, again, Roberta, for your work on behalf of the class.
My husband Jesse goes into University of Penn Hospital in Philadelphia May 8th to be operated on the next day. He was approved for an Edwards device, a man-made Aortic heart valve, which means that he will be a part of the Edwards study for five years. There are many risks with this, but we trust he will come out on top. Though he looks frail, he has done amazingl well with each procedure before; therefore, we are praying he will do well this time, too. Jesse is 83.

From Roberta Walker Butler   May 6, 2012
At the beginning of the 2012 year, I sent 55 emails asking for contributions for our Memorial and Reunion funds. I also wrote letters to class members who did not have an email address. On our website dated August 3, 2011, we had $195.00 in our Memorial fund and $216.75 in our Reunion Fund. Here is the update as of today May 6, 2012. Thanks to generous class members, we now have $226.75 in our Reunion Fund and a whopping $1366.00 in our Memorial fund for an all together total of $1592.75.

Contributions have been recieved from the following members: Ronnie Adams, Bill Bowen, Jimmy Brittingham, Sandy Crowell, Hoda Levine, Roberta Walker, Dabney Craddock, Diana Holland, Shirley Morse, Larry Hardin, Rodney Hendley, Nelta Crump, Sandra Clark, John Howe, Martha Jacobs, William Land, James David Maples, Gwen Raby, Mickey Hancock, Jimmy Rachels, Homer Smith, Lynn Steen, Jewel Gardner, Bill Stubbs, Janice Parks, and Shirley Lassiter, Phyllis Smith, Carroll Garner, Jerry Hodges, Charles McKeithan, Donald Caulder, and Nanette Atkinson.

Our class members listed above contributed a total of $1380.00!!!!!!!!! Just think what we would have if all class members responded!!!!!!!! I know for a fact that some have forgotten and when they do respond, I will post their names. Also, some members gave "beyond the call of duty" for our 50th Reunion, and they probably think they have given their share which is true. Thank you, thank you, thank you class. You are the greatest!!!!!!!! You can certainly be proud of yourselves!!

Expenses since Aug 3, 2011 are as follows: Memorials of $50 each for John Poole, Allyn Cortright, Coleman Shelton. Engravings on Memorial plaque of $14.00 and stamps of $45.00. (Coleman's went to the National Kidney Foundation and Allyn's to his church.)

We have 55 members with email addresses including Shirley Lassiter, 28 non-email members, 3 class members with no addresses. A total of 86 class members living including Shirley.

Please print this for your record. Diana please post on our website. Thanks Di for all you do to keep website up to date. I know it takes time and your contribution is greatly appreciated by all. I do send acknowledgements for monies received. If you have sent money and do not get an acknowledgement, then I did not receive it. Also, I keep adding to our scrap books so if anyone wants to send anything about his or her family or the class, please do. If anyone has any questions, please email me or call me.

From Roberta Walker Butler   January 10, 2012
dear classmates,
first of all, it was great seeing some of allyn cortright's classmates at his funeral. sandy crowell, jimmy rachels, james david maples, and phyllis smith came from out of town. i know the family appreciated that. it was great to meet his son and daughter.
second, notice the new email address for hoda levine.
third, i just found out that coleman shelton died august 15. will send copy of obit when i receive it from his daughter with her address in case some want to send her a card. larry hardin called me to tell me his christmas card was returned and that it had deceased on envelop. thanks again, larry.
fourth, i need each and every class member to send a small token of $10.00 to the memorial fund. we had 4 deaths before the reunion and now we have had 4 more since the reunion. that totals $400 given. i gave memorial for allyn and need to send one to kidney foundation in memory of coleman. if you look at our class site, we only had $88 left in memorial fund. if you search your hearts and can send that small token, it will give us about $800 in memorial fund. hopefully that will be enough for a long time. so everyone needs to participate in order for us to reach that goal. of course, you can send more that that. thanks william, for your contribution. i hate to ask, but in order to keep sending memorials, we have to have money. i dont think that is too much to ask. so please search your hearts and send a small token of love. also, the plaque is almost full and i will need to buy another one and they are rather expensive.
fifth, i need to buy stamps so i can send a letter to class members who dont have an email address to ask them to contribute also. that will come out of reunion fund which is rather low also as i had to pay the $110 for web site renewal last summer.if you want to send money for reunion fund, please designate which fund.
lastly, james david is working on getting the info to me about a gathering at the beach next october per your request. will send info out as soon as it is finalized. would like to hear from you as to whether you want any music those 2 nights at the beach. will be around October 26.
looking forward in hearing from you. love to all,


From Diana Holland Faust   August 26, 2011  Good luck to all of you along the east coast.  I hope hurricane Irene doesn't cause any damage to anybody.  Send your comments and experiences for our Blog.

From Roberta Walker Butler   August 3, 2011
Memorial Fund Balance is $195.00 after contributions received and donation for Jeanne Long.
Reunion Fund Balance as of July 2011 is $216.75 after fees for website.

From Joe Hogan August 4, 2011
Hope to see you at the Hamlet Public Library between 4 pm and 6 pm one week from today for the introduction of Choices, Chances, and Change. Please be advised I only have a limited supply of books available so please try to come as early as possible. As you know, details available at Joe Hogan

From Roberta Walker Butler   March 24, 2011
Memorial Fund Balance is $245.00
Reunion Fund Balance as of March 2011 is $326.75 as a result of contributions received and books and picture purchased.

June 2, 2011 Added picture in Snapshots.  Have some of you?  Please share -- we'd like to see what you've been up to!



From Roberta Walker Butler    11 January 2011

Memorial Fund
Since we started this fund last year 2009, we have had donations from the following totaling $420.00: Bill Bowen, Mickey Hancock Nowell, Diana Holland Faust, Martha Jacobs Lair, Bill Land, Hoda Levine Blau, Frankie and Nancy Nowlan, Homer Smith, Lynn Steen, and Bill Stubbs.

Memorials since 2009: $200.00
Sarah Harris
Kay Roberts
Beth Utter
Claudia Duncan

Balance as of Sept 26, 2010 is $245.00

Reunion Fund
Balance as of July 2009 was $330.38
Collection of $8625.00
On hand-$8955.38
Dispersements of $8693.63 SEE BELOW

Balance as of January 2011 is $261.75 minus $245.00 Memorial Fund= $16.75 Reunion Fund Balance

Party Poopers-$792.77 Memorials-$200.00
Jackie Greene-$500.00 Simply Elegant Catering-$2465.00
2 sheet cakes/3 tier cake-$150.00 First Methodist Church donation-$50.00
The Ballroom-$750.00 Joe's Florist, 16 roses-$86.20
Dorsett, 2 sets/programs-$215.50 PO-$44.00
Mike Helms-$480.00 Pens Express-$103.15
Roy Childress-$420.00 Dorsett-2sets/donation cards-$102.36
"Out of Bounds" quartet donation-$50.00 PO-$44.00
Internet domain-$100.00 Miscellaneous-$121.00
PO, stamps/bottles-$62.40 Walmart, labels, ink-$61.32
Walmart, scrapbook-$11.50 PO, stamps, envelopes-$38.34
Dorsett-$53.87 BB&T-Checks-$23.60
Walmart, ink, refill pages-$57.04 Walmart-9 pages collage-$48.49
PO, stamps-$16.20 Marshall's - mailing envelopes-$13.45
Dorsett's-60 booklets-$1486.95 Journal-61 newspapers-$61.00
PO-mailed 27 books-$67.08 PO-$2.38
Walmart, flashdrive-$16.03


From: Sharron and Jay Austin   To:    December 29, 2010

Hi There,
This is Jay's wife Sharron [Jay is computer challenged, heck his computer runs on DOS hahaha].  He asked me to reply for him [his mail comes to my inbox anyway].  Jay joined the Navy in September of 1960.  He went to boot camp in San Diego, CA.  From there he went to Groton, CT for submarine school.  He met me on his first week end there and we were married July 3, 1964.  Had two children, Stacy born April, 1965 and Shelby born March, 1967.  Retired from the Navy Oct.1980 as a Chief Petty Officer. 

Moved to Las Cruces, NM shortly after retirement.  Worked as a security guard.  In Oct of 1987 he accepted the job of boy Scout Camp Ranger.  He will retire from that job in Oct, 2011.

Address:  PO Box 77, Cloudcroft, NM 88217    (575) 682-2318  Photos

01 - Jay & Sharron Austin.  02 - Jay Austin  03 - Jay and youngest grandchild James. This is the way you often see Jay, with one or more grand kids in his lap.

Hope this is what you are looking for.
Sharron and Jay


From Diana October 21, 2010  The Richmond County Journal article on Hamlet High Class of 1960 reunion.

From Diana  October 21, 2010  I added a blog to the website.  If you have anything to say to everybody, send your comments to me and I will post on the blog.  If we like this concept, we can upgrade the blog so that you can post your own comments.  The free blog that I'm using now does allow you to comment on posts that are there.  Join the

From Diana   October 20, 2010 Additions to the website are Linda Liles' welcome address on Saturday, and two pictures added to Saturday brunch and Saturday prom from Bill Land.

From Bill Land   September 9, 2010 
Alan Howe, John's 60 year old youngest brother has died of cancer. His obituary is online at Richmond County Journal. A memorial service is this Saturday, Sept. 11 at 2:00 at Fellowship United Methodist Church in Hamlet followed by a reception at Michael's house at 203 Palm Street.

Picture of Linda Clarke Calloway and Warren Calloway from 1964 added to SnapshotsHow good it is to see them.  Send more pictures!!  23 August 2010

From Diana Holland Faust   August 17, 2010
The pictures of the 50th Reunion are up.  You can order prints from Walmart!  All the links are on the 2010 Reunion index page

From Diana Holland Faust   July 27, 2010
The 50th Reunion is now history.  Read about it now and come back to see pictures -- and send pictures that you have. 

From Diana Holland Faust   June 9, 2010
The Class website has it's own domain and is now located at!  You obviously found it because you are reading this -- you probably followed a link -- but be sure you bookmark the new site location so you will be able to come back.  Contributions to the website are always welcome and encouraged.

Plans for the 2010 reunion, our 50th, are shaping up!  Keep up to date on the latestrreunion plans here.  It's our biggest ever.

From Nelta Crump Jones to Roberta Walker Butler and Class  June 7, 2010
Roberta: I have talked with Claudia's husband several times and again this morning. She is in hospice. He wanted to take her home but was unable to do so because she needs more help than he could provide. She sleeps a lot but does recognize them when awake. He wants to thank everyone for all the cards but said it was not necessary to send more as she has lost all interest in things. She had looked so forward to the class reunion. This has been such a stressful and sad time for all of them. He asks for your prayers. Nelta
> -
> Nelta C. Jones
> 5073 Oak Farm Way
> Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542
> 770-826-1475

From: Joe Hogan          March 9, 2010

I am please to announce that my newest book, non-fiction, Choices, Chances, and Change is now available online at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and other major sites. This book should be most interesting to those of us who were reared in Hamlet as it deals with growing up in Hamlet from my point of view. The journey details my wayward youth and very specifically reveals the bright side of Hamlet as well as the dark side. It will be a very nostalgic and entertaining read and hopefully will provide hope for those who feel hopeless and inspiration for those who are uninspired. It can be reviewed on the book store web sites prior to purchase. Some will agree with my observations and some will not.

I have engaged in discussion with Rick Bacon, Richmond County Journal Editor, and they will be writing a nice article prior to my initial books signing event to be held in Hamlet at a later date. Due to my wife's terminal cancer I will be unable to formally promote the book until we receive a miracle.

Hopefully, some of you will enjoy an early look at this controversial book and find it very enjoyable. I welcome your feedback when you finish the book.

Joe Hogan


Added link to Rockingham Memories by Joel Bailey

From Diana Holland Faust    January 11, 2010 updated February 2, 2010
We still need new email addresses for John Poole, Bonnie Anderson Batton, and Larry Hardin.  The ones we have are bouncing.  If you can help us out with any of these email addresses, please let Diana or Roberta know.  Thanks. 



Memorial for Kay Roberts added September 10, 2009.

Memorial for Sara Harris added September 5, 2009.

From Roberta Walker Butler  August 21, 2009
Please click on for her obit. we will sit together as a group tomorrow at the church. the class needs to have a separate memorial fund. i will start it with our $50 donation from the class in memory of Sara. if you would like to send a memorial in honor of  someone, please do so. i will have some cards printed to send to the family acknowledging the donation (like churches do). my address is 124 battley dairy road, hamlet, nc 28345. please state who the memorial is for. if you would just like to honor someone, please send those donations also. i will keep a list of all donations and/or memorials for view.(except the amt of course) to the ones who gave to the elvis impersonator fund: please email me who you would like that money to be for. thanks.

Our condolences go out to Ilene Gunter Brainard who lost her husband in late January 2009, and to Lanny Jacobs who lost his wife of 45 years, also in January 2009.   We are sorry for you loses.

Received from Poppy    2 February 2009
Does anybody know anything about the Besso girls Rachel, Harriet, and Reba?  Any info please contact   Thank you.



Memorial for Sharon Peck added March 4, 2008.



December 27, 2007  from Diana Holland Faust
I added the 1995 Reunion to the web site.  Thanks to Roberta for sending me the pictures

January 18, 2007 rom Diana Holland Faust   
I added a few more pictures to the 2005 reunion (Saturday brunch and night) provided by Roberta.




From Roberta Walker Butler    October 21, 2005

i am sorry to say that Julius Crowell, sandy's father, died yesterday. the family will receive at Wilson Harrington funeral home sat night and funeral will be sunday the the Episcopal Ch in hamlet. i do not know any particulars.
i have several reunion booklets left if anyone wants one. please help us with a donation and buy a book.
lastly, the reunion class picture was finally in the Journal. i have attached it with info.
thanks. roberta


From Roberta Walker Butler    27 July 2006

This is what Rudy mailed in to be included in the reunion book of 2005:
Dr. James Rudolph Singletary, Jr.* (married)
3504 Lakebrook Drive   Murfreesboro, Tenn 37130
home: 615-430-9698  cell: 615-430-9699
spouse:  Patti Ann Taylor
children: 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren

After the Army, I graduated from Campbell University, the Medical University of SC, and the graduate school of the University of Cincinnati. I decided to put my knowledge to use so I taught classes at the Univ. of Cincinnati. I am now self-employed and hope to retire within the next 2 years. I would really like to attend this reunion, but I will undergo eye surgery this month to keep from going blind.

NOTATION: Because of his health from the eye surgery, he sold his business and was employed by Eckerd's. He had donated his organs, but they could not be accepted as they revealed Rudy had Agent Orange, which he must have picked up in the Viet Nam War.  He certainly accomplished alot in his short life time, as he acquired much education and he put it to use.

Rudy died June 23, 2006. 

Part of his Obituary:

Rudy Singletary, 64, went to be with the Lord suddenly on Friday, June 23, 2006. Graveside services will be Wednesday at Manning Cemetery in Manning, SC with full military honors.  Dr. Singletary was a very well-respected Pharmacologist for more than 30 years and a member of the Northside Baptist Church.  He proudly served multiple tours of duty as a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War, was a 32nd Degree Mason and a member of the Masonic Lodge in Hamlet, NC.

From Roberta Walker 
hi folks, just wanted to let you know that i saw in our Journal today that Betty Hogan Campbell died. she was sister of Joe Hogan who lives in florida. please give him a call or send him a card. thanks. roberta




November 21, 2005 from Diana Holland Faust   
I added the 1975 reunion group picture to the web site.  Thanks to Dave Millson for sending me the picture.

August 4, 2005  from Diana Holland Faust  Added 1995 group reunion picture

July 7, 2005 from Diana Holland Faust  Added two Fairview Heights School class pictures

July 6, 2005 from Diana Holland Faust  Added two more Pansy Fetner School pictures

June 8, 2005 from Diana Holland Faust Added senior class photograph.  Thanks to Bonnie Anderson Batton for sending. 

From Roberta Walker Butler    March 28, 2005  dear classmates,
 i am sorry to report that ronnie adams lost his wife, Patsy, of 41 years, march 18. they live in oak island, nc. his address is 101 SW 27th street. his phone is 910-278-9267. his email is i know it would help if ronnie heard from you. they have 3 sons and 6 grandchildren. in lieu of flowers, please send memorial to the American cancer society. roberta

From Roberta Walker Butler    March 26, 2005  dear classmates,
linda monroe utter's father, gordon monroe, died march 23. funeral services were held today, saturday, at 11:00 am.  the family request in lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to hamlet first baptist church, 208 charlotte street, hamlet nc 28345.  charles and linda's address is 813 austin street in hamlet if you wish to send a card. roberta

From Roberta Walker Butler    March 15, 2005
dear folks, i have been away so i was not able to get this message to you. bert russ's mother died saturday and funeral was sunday. she was 91 years young. i know you would like to send bert and charlotte a card. his address is 607 minturn ave in hamlet. memorials for mrs. Hester Russ may be sent to the hamlet library, 302 main st, hamlet, nc. or to the calvary baptist church, 406 mcdonald ave. , hamlet.  roberta
ps. please get reunion material back to me as soon as you can.

From Roberta Walker Butler    18 January 2005
just a note to let you know that mrs. ruby pate died yesterday.  her sons are bill pate and our classmate, wendy pate.  they are receiving tonight at harrington funeral home, and the funeral is tomorrow at the first united methodist church in hamlet...i know wendy would love to hear from you.  his address is 762 shellstone place, fort mill, sc 29708.  wendy's home phone is 803-462-5668. roberta


From Roberta Walker Butler    31 December 2004
dear classmates, just received word from carolyn carpenter lloyd that her husband, ed, passed away december 23 from lung cancer.  please give her an email or send a card to family at 2212 Smith Drive, Clayton, NC 27520. her email is thanks. roberta
ps. please let me hear from you asap about reunion. roberta

31 October 2004 from Diana Holland Faust:
A new Pansey Fetner School picture was added.  It is not our class, but you may have brothers or sisters or other that you recognize in it.  It is 5th grade in 1948.  The picture was sent by Steve Baggett
of Rockingham, North Carolina, and by Charlotte Cowan of Rice Street, Hamlet.  If you can help add names to any of the Pansey Fetner pictures, that would be nice.  --Diana 


From Roberta Walker Butler    February 17, 2004
dear classmates, i have not written in quite a while, but today i do have news to report.  first, warren calloway has a new email address. it

brenda harte holt's husband, james, died sunday from cancer. her address is #6 Onyx Lane, S, pinehurst, nc 28374. the funeral service is tomorrow night at watson-king with masonic rites. as you know, he was a postman for the hamlet post office until he became ill last year. he was so well thought of and so well-liked by all. he had such a happy and friendly personality. brenda has an e-mail address also.

also, we will start planning our 45th reunion next winter. the reunion will be here before you know it.

in conclusion, please send me suggestions for the reunion and dont forget to look at our hamlet site that diana keeps up so well.  until next time. love, roberta

From Roberta Walker Butler    February 17, 2004
melvin smith died february 8. he was not in our class, but he was the brother of phyllis hendrick, who is in our class, and shirley lassiter, and catherine kirkley.  if you want to send a card to his wife, rachael, and family, her address is 961 freeman mill road, hamlet.

From Roberta Walker Butler     11 February 2004
new email address for Warren Calloway and link to his SCL photo site
It would be nice to hear from you and what's going on in your life. Give me some feedback on the site, OK???



From Warren Calloway  24 March 2003

I have done two books, but mine are Railroad history/motive power oriented books. My first book was published in 1988 on Seaboard Air Line diesel locomotives. The second was published in 1993 and titled "Atlantic Coast Line- The Diesel Years". Both are basically railroad locomotive histories and are more photography/pictures that a lot of text.

These were written for the train fans and were sold by the Hamlet Station museum. Both first printing have since sold out.

I became interested in the railroad locomotive history during the summer months when working for Seaboard. Began taking lots of pictures and have amassed a large collection.

Thousands and thousands of railroad subjects available in Black & White 5 x7 or 8 x 10 photographs from my personnel collection. No list available. E-mail me with your wants. B&W photos of roads all across the US available both class ones and short lines, many dating for 1960s to present.

Also check out my web pages:


Check out my SAL Web Page: 


From Joe Hogan   23 March 2003
I would like you to visit my web site and see if you think you might like the book, if you do buy it and refer it to your friends.


From Roberta Walker Butler    26 February 2003
i saw warren's message.  i might as well get on the band wagon too. i have written 5 books, but they were genealogy books. my first one was  THE MASSENGILLS OF JOHNSTON CO. NC.  then within a year, i had enough more infor for volumn 2.  then later i wrote book, my best one yet , about the size of a catalog, called THE SNEADS OF JOHNSTON  CO. NC.  this won an award.  those were on my mothers side. then i wrote THE NOAH CHANEY FAMILY ALBUM on my daddys side. i called it an album as i had pictures of everyone mentioned.  my last book was THE THOMAS JACKSON WALKER,, SR FAMILY OF CASWELL CO. NC.  this w as catalog thickness also.  i have been doing research for 30 years and finally one day decided i would put info together.  the comments from people who didnt know their families were amazing.  it was all a labor of love. you certainly dont get rich, not with expenses to traveling to cemeteries, hall of archives, etc.  by the way, all five books are in raleigh at the archives and in most state libraries, including new york and especially the mormon library in utah.,  i also did those on a typewriter, you know those things before computers. i am not working on my husbands side, the PATES, BUTLERS, SNEADS, AND OTHER RELATED FAMILIES OF SCOTLAND, ANSON, AND RICHMOND COUNTIES. 

From Roberta Walker  26 February 2003
hi folks, just a note to let you know that John Cowan of our class died yesterday.  The funeral will be tomorrow, Feb 27, at the Second Baptist Church in Hamlet,  the family will receive tonight at Harringtons from 6:30-8:00.  Memorials may be made to the Second Baptist Church, 518 Fourth St, Hamlet, and cards may be sent to Linda Cowan and family, 472 Boyd Lake Road, Hamlet. I will send a memorial from our class to the church. thanks. Roberta

From Roberta Walker  7 January 2003
i read in paper today an obituary for doug hardin, the son of larry hardin, who sang for us at our last reunion.  it stated that he died sunday, 32 years of age, and funeral was this morning in charlotte. burial was at sunset memorial gardens in charlotte.  memorials may be made to green memorial baptist church, 1324 The Plaza, charlotte 28205 or to the epilepsy foundation of NC, 200 Hawthorne lane, charlotte 28204. i thought our class would like to send larry a card since he did bring him to sing for us, and  also he gave out some tapes with religious hymns on them that he had recorded.It also states that doug worked 13 yrs for Presbyterian hospital and was active in the green memorial baptist church choir, etc.  Larry's address is in our class reunion booklet. thanks all. love, roberta


From Roberta Walker Butler    23 October 2002
hi classmates, please notice 2 changes in email addresses. jimmy brittingham and judy melton.

also, on sad note, arthur martin's father, carl martin, died last week-end. the funeral was last monday. he lives on rollins ave. in hamlet if you would like to send him a card.

again, please keep me up-to-date on email changes or address changes. i should have more email addresses, but i am not notified of changes. if you know of any other email address, please send to me.

thanks again. hope to see some of you at our seaboard festival this saturday.
love you all, roberta



From Roberta Walker  20 September 2002
on a sad note, emma cowan's and johnny cowan's mother, mrs. sadie cowan, 1206 rollins ave, hamlet, nc 28345 died wednesday, sept 18. the funeral was today, friday, sept 20. they both were class members and would appreciate hearing from you. God Bless, roberta

From Roberta Walker forwarded from Rod & Pat Hendley  16 September 2002
Rod's father-in-law, Esteen Turnage (Aundrea's father) of Hamlet died Wednesday, July 24, 2002.  There was a graveside service at richmond Memorial Gardens on Saturday, July 27. 

From Roberta Walker   11 September 2002
dear classmates, on another sad note, ilene gunter braswell's father, woodrow gunter, died last saturday, sept 7, 2002.  the funeral was today, wednesday, sept. 11, at the first presbyterian church in hamlet, in case you want to send a card to her, her family, or her mother.  the family requests that donations be made to the stained glass window fund, first pres. church or to richmond county hospice, po box 2136, rockingham, nc 28380..


From Roberta Walker Butler    23 May 2002  
received a nice email from joe hogan who states he found our hamlet class of '60 website. his address is  and he stated he is retired and spends much time in florida. his florida address is and he enjoys golf, the beach, and is writing a book.          roberta

New picture:  Diana Holland and Roberta Walker in 1st grade 


From Roberta Walker Butler    19 May 2002  
I received this note and article about Gwen Raby Mansini:  

Gwen accomplished incredible things in the inner city of Richmond./  Gwen is on the Board for the ROC (Richmond Outreach Center)  May 18, 2002  


From Hoda Levine via Roberta Walker Butler    12 April 2002
Dear Roberta and "Class of '60,"
     Thank you so very much for your thoughtful note.  Your caring means a great deal to me as we all grew up together and knew each other's families.
    My mother lived to be almost 99. I will miss her, but her life was long and full.
     Warm regard to all,

Roberta, my email address is    WARNING: i do not check it regularly.  


Joe Hogan <> wrote:

Hi Roberta, I am pleased to announce that my book, The Forcesome, has been published and is now in the process of being turned over to the distributor. In about two month it will be available in over 25,000 locations.

 A summary of the book is available by accessing and it may also be purchased by simply entering my name, Joe Hogan, as the author.

Hopefully, you could foward this information to our classmates. Thanks.

Note:  Joe's book is also available from


From Jimmy Brittingham  16 February 2002
My sister Ellen Brittingham Hursh died tonight at 7:30 PM in Brookeville, Md.  A memorial service will be held at 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 23 rd at Saint Matthew Presbyterian Church in Brookeville.

Ellen was a member of the class of 1963. If anyone on this list has an email address for any of Ellen's classmates or other friends, I would appreciate it if you could forward this note to them.

Ellen was diagnosed with phase IV breast cancer around the middle of last month.  It had spread to her lungs by the time that she sought medical treatment and there wasn't time to save her.

Take care of yourselves and each other,
Jimmy Brittingham
16 February 2002




From Roberta Walker Butler    30 December 2001
merry christmas to folks of class of 60; however, i have some sorrowful news to report. sandra liles
golden, sister of linda liles bendell died friday. her funeral was held today sunday, december 30.  Also, Mrs. gladys levine, 98, mother of hoda levine blau, died thursday december 27 at her home in charlotte. funeral was today also. we need to send these two class members cards and remember them in our prayers.


From Roberta Walker Butler    26 November 2001
notice allyn cortright's email address. he decided to join the living. he is doing much better. says he even has hair now. give him a hello. roberta

Note from webmaster:  Allyn's email address is added to the address page and a snapshot of him, proving that he does again have hair, is on the Pictures page Take a look and shoot him an 'e.'

From Roberta Walker Butler    14 September 2001
virginia steen miller's father willard steen died in hamlet this week.  her address is 13741 SE 25th avenue, summerfield, fla.


From Roberta Walker Butler    1 September 2001

dear classmates, on a sad note, judy altman's husband died and her address is judy hair, 12221 purcell road, laurinburg, nc 28352. 

diana holland's mother, iris, died and was buried in richmond memorical cemetery last tuesday. her address is diana faust, 134 love lane, harvest, al 35749. 

another reminder to please send me new email addresses so we can keep in touch.  so many have changed and we cannot communicate.
thanks.  roberta

From Roberta Walker Butler   10 May 2001:
beth utter fry's mother, emma lee utter, died yesterday. beth and sandy crowell are first cousins so mrs. utter is his aunt. she also was linda monroe utter's mother-in-law. this is to notify you in case you would like to send cards. butler

Also:  remind members to please send me their email address and updates.


If any body has any news to share, please let Diana know.  This can be a place for posting news we want to share, such as new jobs, retirement, travel, grand kids, -- stuff like that.  What's going on in your world?   

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