2010 Reunion
Hamlet High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion
Hamlet, North Carolina

Invocation for 50th Reunion

Written and delivered by Vance Mann

Let us Pray:

Loving God, you are the Creator of all, Sustainer of our life and Giver of every good gift.

Look upon us as we joyfully assemble once again as the Class of '60?to remember times past and renew friendships made when hair was short and plentiful and skirts were long and colorful. May we take little notice, O God, of how much others have advanced in age - while, by your grace, each of us has only grown in experience.

We give thanks for Hamlet High School and the gifts she engraved on our hearts and minds and for the teachers, coaches and staff who taught and encouraged us - who even at times disciplined us. May we always remember with gratitude their part in making us who we are today. Let us honor them by keeping our hearts open and young, even as our minds and bodies age.

We remember classmates who couldn't travel here tonight and those who have died and now reside in your heavenly Kingdom. Take them in your loving embrace. Draw their spirits ever closer to you.

We offer our heartfelt thanks for those who have worked so creatively to make this reunion a reality and give us a taste of years past by helping us recall pleasant memories and special friendships.

Tonight, as we enjoy this banquet, let us remember with compassion those who at this very moment are hungry and lonely: without food, without friends, without home. Touch our hearts to share our selves and our resources to bring justice and peace to all your people.

Continue to sit with us at table this evening. Bless the food and the drink- the conversation and the laughter. Let us be gifts for one other.

May each of us abide in your grace. AMEN.

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